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We are the Rally,  the Face to Face Peer to Peer support group

Peer Support is the kind of help and support, that people with lived experience of mental illnesses are able to give to one another .

This support may be social, emotional or practical but it is very important that, this support is mutually offered and reciprocal, allowing peers to benefit from the support, whether they are giving or receiving it.

Research has shown that peer-run self-help groups yield improvement in psychiatric symptoms resulting in decreased hospitalisation,

larger social support networks and enhanced self-esteem and social functioning.


The Rally needs its members permission to share information in total confidentiality with other professionals, or their family and to a lesser extent their nominated close friends.

Our Meetings:

We meet in a safe and secure environment.  We meet in venues, where total privacy and confidentiality are observed at all times.

About us

Rachel is our group trainee counsellor. Rachel is a Graduate in Counselling and Interdisciplinary studies and has long campaigned to stamp out the stigma attached to mental health and disabilities. She shares our common vision that the most effective way to recovery is to help someone come out of isolation, help them develop their own coping mechanisms and share in the proven benefits of the peer support approach to mental health care in the community.

BA Hons in counselling skills

Currently persuing Postgraduate studies in Psychotherapeutic Practice.


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Birchgrove Community Centre

Lon Gwesyn, Birchgrove

Swansea SA7 9LD